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bioBOTANICgoes abroad



From the United States to the Arabian Peninsula

bioBOTANIC, leader company in the Ecological Haircare, is going abroad in the world, expanding its market of professional haircare products in countries like United States, Spain, Qatar, Slovenia, Austria, Kazakistan and Saudi Arabia. Together with the ECO-logical acronym, the world of bioBOTANIC is moving with its green meanings, from organic to natural,  dedicated to a continuously growing number of clients. 

The first target of bioBOTANIC is the growth of consciousness in its customers, that will progressively increase the technical characteristics of our high quality products for the health of the hair and the skin. A mix of ecologically produced ingredients prone to protect the hair from the effects of either the environmental and behavioral ageing.


Green Passion or Green Revolution?

bioBOTANIC products are created with high quality and 100% Italian raw matters and processes, translating the concept of “ecologically produced” into “Bio Luxury”.

Because today the real luxury is the environment!