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Barber Generation

In a constantly evolving market, in which many men return from the barbers once formerly called barbitons to obtain an ad hoc shave, bioMANis born, a new brand dedicated to male beauty with a contemporary approach.
bioMAN knows the art of shaving of the face and is able to give wellbeing and relaxation in a strictly green masculine space that blends exquisitely professionalism and emotionality: the newly designed barber salon.

Conditioner beard and hair

Conditioner based on Wild Soybean oil designed as a daily treatment for those who like to wear long beards. often, making it soft and pleasant to caress.


 salon size, 250ml     home size, 100ml

Essential mix with lemon balm

A protective and soothing treatment for beard and face based on lemon balm and five different essential oils. A synergy between Tannins and Flavanoids, known for their astringent and antibacterial action which, together with the properties of the essential oil of lemongrass, give a citrus scent making it aroma-therapeutic.

 home size, 50ml

Shampoo beard and hair

Moisturizing and purifying shampoo specifically for hair and beard based on Avena Sativa, one of the most complete cereals for hair growth and nourishment, which helps to make them shinier and softer.


 salon size, 250ml    home size, 100ml

Emollient and nourishing shaving oil

An elasticizing, nourishing and emollient oil that nourishes and restructures the tissues, reinforcing the hydro-lipid film and reinvigorating the beard and hair.


 salon size, 250ml     home size, 100ml

Shaving soap

100% natural shaving soap. Its formula, thanks also to the precious moisturizing and soothing properties of Karité butter, is studied. to combine an invigorating action with a pleasant emollient effect.

Size availables: 100ml

Invigorating face

Fluid based on aloe vera, with a light and fresh consistency and very strong invigorating, anti-aging properties. For each application, it performs the twofold, fundamental function of restoring the skin of the face, instantly extinguishing the redness and ensuring the epidermis a surplus of hydration and nourishment capable of preserving its tone and vigor over time.


 home size, 30ml

Purify Color

An extraordinarily shining colouring for bear and hair based on caffeine, known for its toning and toning properties. A range of uniformity and penetration of the capillary structure. The presence of hemp oil creates a perfect synergy with linoleic acids helping to fight dry scalp.

  home size, 100ml

Water fix

Revolutionary modeling and fixing gel: an effective aid for hair beauty. Easily applicable on the hair, to give the desired style a glossy and soft finish.

 home size, 100ml

Jace anti-dandruff shampoo

Shampoo with a de-dandruffing action based on natural chamomile extracts, with sebum-regulating and soothing properties. Effective, it cleans thoroughly without drying up, reducing the need for washing. Relieves the sensation of itching and gives deep hydration.

  salon size, 500ml     home size, 200ml

Aaron shampoo anti age

Anti-age shampoo with a gentle cleansing and emollient action with soy proteins. Also suitable for mature or stressed skin. The plant extracts based on Aloe, Calendula, Malva, Linden in synergy with the cleaning agents have natural affinity with the sebum, making this shampoo a product suitable for all types of hair, which gently respects the natural hydrolipidic film of the skin.

 salon size, 500ml     home size, 200ml

Caleb sebum-balancing shampoo

Seboequilibrant shampoo based on peppermint and burdock extract to limit the spread of sebum on the hair fiber and normalize the scalp. The hair regains their natural lightness and is easy to comb.


 salon size, 500ml     home isze, 200ml

Jace anti-dandruff lotion

Purifying capillary lotion in white thymus houses without rinsing for a complete anti-dandruff treatment. The combination of active ingredients with antifungal and antibacterial action decreases desquamation and keeps the skin clean and healthy, counteracting the future formation of dandruff.

 salon size, 200ml     home size, 50ml

Aaron anti-age lotion

Anti-age capillary lotion without rinsing, suitable for an energizing and revitalizing action of cellular longevity for the benefit of the hair bulb. The complex of minerals combined with soy proteins helps to protect and perform an anti-fall cosmetic prevention action, delaying the appearance of signs of aging.


 salon size, 200ml     home size, 150ml

Caleb sebum-balancing lotion

Sebum-balancing lotion with menthol with purifying action and Arnica extract with a soothing and antioxidant power for skin and greasy hair. The synergistic action between the natural substances with a tonic and tricostimulant effect and the substances with a dermopurifying, antiseptic and decongestant action, makes this solution a valuable ally in cases of excessive production of sebum.

 salon size, 200ml     home size, 50ml

Styling pomade

Semi-fluid modeling cream that nourishes and acts deeply, improving the hair structure and creating styling controlled by the natural look.


utilizzo casa, 100ml