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The BioRicariche



A tiny act for a better future

bioBOTANIC presents its BioRicariche project: your favorite haircare products in a rechargeable size of 100 ml. Buying the refills you can save up to 40%, defending the environment. If you think that our planet deserves to be preserved and respected choose to reduce your impact on it through a conscious usage of bioBOTANIC’s products. The Refill package is made with the 90% less of plastic than a traditional bottle, using paper from well-managed forests and helping to lower the amount of wastes. 

Welcome in the eco-friendly world of bioBOTANIC: We believe that the usage of healthy and natural ingredients, free from chemical treatments, simultaneously with ecological and smart packagings, is a healthier way to either preserve our planet and to increase the global welfare. None of our packagings is unnecessary: to reduce the most our impact on the environment we choose to use only necessary packages (recycled, recyclable or ecological).