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A family of products designed to refresh the age of the hair and the skin , it tones up energethically, protects and restores the quality of the fibers, relaxing the skin. This is a prevention system that helps to restore an optimal health condition of the skin, giving thickness and strenght to the hair. It properly creates olistic wellness moments for a sorrounding sensorial experience, at home or at the salon.


Provides a strong deep repair for treated and damaged hair. Achillea millefolium, since ever used to calm the flue, adds a strong soothing and antibacterial effect. If used as infusion it enhances a therapeutic perspiration that lowers the body temperature and eliminates the toxins.

How to use: After the hair spa treatment blot the hair properly and spray the product all along the hair. Brush and then straighten.


 salone size, 200ml     home size, 100ml

HAIR LOTION with wool proteins

This innovative lotion helps prevent fragility of the hair, especially when treated. It's made with proteins from a fine wool, treated with a light hydrolysis in order to obtain the most natural and efficient product.

How to use: After the hair spa treatment dub hair properly with a towel and then spray the product all along the hair.Otherwise spray the product before a specific treatment.


 salon size, 200ml     home size, 100ml


It can be used on every kind of hair, either natural or treated. The wild dog-rose takes its name from an ancient belief that it could heal hydrophobia contracted by the bite of dogs. This rose is wellknown for its depurative, restoring and energetic properties.

How to use: After washing hair, apply a proper amount of product all along the hair shaft. Comb and leave on for a 5-10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.


 salon size, 300ml     home size, 150ml

SHAMPOO NACRE eith St. John's Wort

Suitable for every kind of hair, especially if colored, making it shiny and glossy. St. John's wort has always been known for its excellent properties, like its efficacy against burn pains. Furthermore it is an authentic support for facing the cellular ageing.

How to use: Pour 3 puff of the shampoo in a bowl, apply spacing 2cm of the headskin when the hair is dry. After the application add some water and emulsify until a mousse is obtained, then massage gently all along the hair shaft for 2/3 minutes. Repeat the directions if necessary.


 salon size, 1000ml     home size, 250ml

FIXATIVE FLUID with soy proteins

It can be used to fix the coif on every kind of hair, treated or natural. The hydrolized vegetal protein is free of GMO since it's extracted from not genetically modified soy.

How to use: After the hair spa treatment dub hair properly apply a dime size all along the hair shaft and then proceed with the hair coif by brush, iron or helmet.


 salon size, 200ml     home size, 100ml



Suitable fot every kind of hair, especially when it's thin, weak and with no structure. The apricot oil is rich of unsaturated fatty acids, A and E vitamins and it contains more polyunsaturated acids then most of the vegetal oils.

How to use: After washing hair and having removed all the shampoo apply the mask on damp hair. Use a dime size of the product, depending on the length of the hair. Massage and brush for 2/3 minutes, then wash.


 salon size, 300ml     home size, 150ml