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A natural family of products extremely nutrient, able to satisfy every kind of hair and skin, combining a tonic effect with an actual protection from oxidating stress and atmpspheric aggressions. Synergic treatments made with organically-produced ingredients, suitable for either hydrating the hair deeply and protect it from atmospheric effects, reducing porousness and aridity.


A beauty Shampoo to be used with its specific essential mix, suitable for every kind of skin and hair blemish, gives softness and sparkles the hair.

How to use: Pour 3 puffs of the shamppo in a bowl plus a drop of water and then mix with the specific brush. Apply the product spacing the hair 2cm on the skin. After the application add some water on the skin and emulsify untill a foamy mousse is obtained, massage for 2/3 minutes. If necessary repeat the procedure. Wash abundantly before the next step

 salon size, 1000ml     home size, 180ml


Hair lotion. Suitable for the hair loss prevention, gives tonus and flexibility to hair and skin.

How to use: After using the most suitable cleanser, pour Basic Power with one or more Essential Power: Apigenin, Xylitol, Iron or Serenoa, regarding the issue to solve. Spray on the skin and massage circularwise. Do not wash. Whenever is necessary apply up to 3/4 times per week, independently of washing.


 salon size, 100ml      home size, 100ml



Clay's mud mask. It cleans deeply and helps to restore the balance of the skin.

How to use: Pour 10/15 ml of the product in a bowl, with or without "essential mix". Let it rest for 10 minutes close to a heating source and then wash carefully. Shake before the usage.

 salon size, 300ml     home size, 150ml


With grapefruit, is enriched with fibres and vitamins (A,B,C). The peel of the grapefruit contains essential oils like the pinen, the lemonen, the linalol and the citric, that have an antiseptic property.


With cocoa, it contains a fair amount of antioxidating substances able to hinder the free radicals and slow down the cell ageing.


With lemon balm, is a plant particularly rich of properties due to the fact that contains tannins and flavonoids. Used in the pharmaceutical industry too, has a smoothening and nourishing effect.


With basil, is rich of estragol, linaiol, confora, tannins, and A, C vitamins. Is a herb largely used in cosmetics, thanks to its balsamics, scenting and tonifying properties.


With lemon, the lemon juice is a perfect cleanser when poured on the face, it's suitable to contrast the development of blemishes. Its extract, obtained both by the peel and the pulp of the fresh fruit, gives shininess to every kind of hair.