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A revolutionary system with soy extract specific for the projection of treated hair, with the aim of renewing the natural composition of the hair fiber during the bleaching treatment.

TOI & MOI | Aqua di Bio

A creative and innovative process by Biobotanic has given birth to Toi & Moi - Acqua di Bio: A translator of emotions and olfactory creations to harmonize the phisical and menthal equilibrium. A refined fragrance with basil essential oil coming from the well-known Egiptian hills and mixed with the fresh peppermint of the american meadows. Obtained by the steam distillation of the best leaves and with highest respect for the environment. An organic and exciting perfume that evokes feelings related to the personal mood... exploring the path of the wellness and the beauty, among Nature, Arts and History.

How to use: Vaporize the perfume in every moment of the day depending on the mood


Trasmissive lotion slightly acid (ph=6) to apply on the skin. Cleans and refresh.

How to use: Before a specific treatment of the skin.


 salon size only, 200ml

Acidifying lotion with fruit acids

This lotion must be applied whenever the needing of normalize the acidity of the skin and the hair shows up. The most present acids are the malic, the citric and the lactic, that have a balanced sinergy with both vitamines A and C and minerals, enhancing the following characteristics to the product: moisturising, emollient, smoothing, anti stretch marks and arousing the cellular rebirth.

How to use: After the hair spa treatment blot the hair and spray all along, then coif.

Oil of Oils

Its natural extracts based formulation is specific to sparkle and smooth the hair through precious organic oils like: SUNFLOWER ORGANIC OIL, SESAME OIL, VIRGIN OLIVE OIL. A must have product that doesn't weigh down the hair with antioxidating effect: feeds, restores, relieves the skin and softens the hair.

How to use: Use the oil during the whole year, either in winter and summer, on the face, the body and the hair. It can be used as a mask before the shgampoo for an intense nourishing effect. A daily ritual with multiple restoring purposes that creates a protecting film on the hair structure, making it shining, healthy and compact. Its texture is unique, unoiling and its fragrance is charming.