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The evolution of BioBOTANIC's green chemistry

bioBOTANIC is a 100% Italian brand that aims to offer new, professional and high quality organic products for the care and the health mantainance of your hair. Our philosophy stems from either the constant research of higher performances and the usage of the finest organic ingredients.

We'll always be proud to show you our certified ingredients and to explain every single step of our respectful choices.

Our formulas are full of precious elements that make the actual difference, we seriously care to make organic, healthy and always meaningful products.

Bio is Life

The eccessive industrilization is catastrophically sinking the world in a continuous vortex of enviromental abuse. The massive usage of chemistry in every single market has led to the accumulation of wastes and poisons that are currently contaminating rivers, seas and whole regions of the world, with the consequencial murdering of entire families of animals.

Unless we find a way to manage this vicious circle, sooner or later, the human being will have to face this huge issue himself.

We believe that the best things are the simplest too, and what's simpler than using products that already exist? Our planet has given us enough elements to keep up with this problems and solve them.