Ethical. Cosmetics. Natural.
Safe. Effective.

Because Respect for the Planet is the value on which the future of mankind depends.

BIOBOTANIC CARE has always stood for responsible, uncompromising beauty and is a benchmark of the Clean & Natural Haircare market.

The controlled environmental impact combines three fundamental aspects: sustainability, effectiveness and commitment.  All products are 100% Made in Italy.

Our commitment to the planet

All our products contain organically-grownVeganOK & AIAB-certified raw materials.The aim is to establish very high regulatory standards to guide BIOBOTANIC CARE research and guarantee formulas with an active potential on both the environment and our health, which are suitable for protecting all hair and scalp types.

BIOBOTANIC CARE products have been developed to be used in combination with each other and to create a wide range of personal wellbeing Rituals.


Transparent INCI

BIOBOTANIC CARE strikes the perfect balance between Nature’s own beauty aids and scientific research, which transforms them into precious cosmetic ingredients; they are enhanced and expertly balanced in effective, high-performance formulas.

Hence our continuous commitment to safeguarding the planet through AIAB (Italian Association for Organic Agriculture) Certification, to promote sustainable beauty.

AIAB Organic Ecological Cosmetics Certification guarantees the absence of GMOs, applies significant restrictions on the use of chemicals, and requires eco-friendly packaging

Eco-friendly & Vegan beauty

BIOBOTANIC CARE undertakes to fully comply with VEGANOK Ethical regulations: the most widely-adopted standard that ensures that our customers receive accurate ethical and environmental product features.

A further guarantee of authority and reliability that makes our VEGANOK certification unique in that it attests to the absence of ingredients of animal origin in any type of certified product, including the packaging, and to compliance with basic ethical principles. Our packaging is 100% food-grade. We have chosen to use eco-friendly, MADE OF PET [polyethylene terephthalate or poly(ethylene terephthalate)] packaging that can be reused for food or recycled time and time again. We are therefore able to guarantee high quality and low environmental impact.