A wide range of bio-certified products with professional product lines, specifically developed to improve wellbeing and promote conscious beauty.

BIOBOTANIC CARE strives to do this every day by providing a responsible way to protect and care for hair and scalp.

Synonymous with a holistic and sensory nature-led approach. All our formulas are controlled by a constant commitment to improving the concentration of organically-grown ingredients to provide the perfect balance of effectiveness and sustainability.

An anti-ageing range specifically developed for hair and scalp. It invigorates and energises and protects and replenishes the hair fibre, while providing intense relief to the scalp. A prevention system that helps you gently achieve optimal scalp health, and thicker, softer hair. Achieve holistic wellbeing for an immersive sensory experience both at home and in-salon.

A complete range of intensely nourishing products of natural origin for all hair types and needs that invigorates and provides a high level of protection against the stress of external treatments and atmospheric aggressors. Synergetic treatments that contain organically-grown ingredients that hydrate hair deep down, creating a protective shield against atmospheric agents, quench parched hair, reduce porosity and promote softness and shine

Exceptionally high-performance nourishing and sculpting formulas that smooth the hair fibre and reducing breakage, allowing you to create a wide range of styles. Unparalleled cosmetic performance and lightweight concentrated formulas that deliver instant results.

Special Products for beautiful healthy hair and scalp. A sensorial blend of oils, fruits and essences for use in combination with all BIOBOTANIC CARE ranges.

A luxurious, anti-ageing beauty ritual for hair and scalp; it is entirely organic and contains targeted active ingredients. The feel-good solution that gives hair new life; contains Hydropom, a powerful antioxidant that promotes anti-ageing cell regeneration while restoring the moisture balance of the scalp. It also provides instant protection through an exclusive hair lifting treatment.

A permanent and demi-permanent ammonia-free oil colour system that is pleasant to apply thanks to its odourless formula. The perfect combination of ecology and technology to meet every need. The gentle, innovative formula contains precious, organically-grown protective ingredients: Rosa Mosqueta Oil, Argan Oil, Thermal Water, Macadamia Oil and Aloe Vera. Purify Color is a new Salon colour concept; formulated and developed to guarantee full coverage and perfect lift.

A gentle, new-generation perm system developed from cutting-edge professional cosmetic research. Suitable for all hair types: natural, coloured and processed. Silkwave guarantees natural waves from root to tip, for soft, bouncy curls; natural, organic extracts such as Hemp Oil and conditioning Aloe Vera Juice protect hair during treatment, leaving it soft and healthy.

A progressive smoothing system for anyone who wants to give their hair a makeover. For straight hair as well as other hairstyles. A revolutionary treatment packed with natural extracts such as Argan Oil and silk proteins for remarkable smoothing and taming. It replenishes the hair structure for exceptional taming, eliminating frizz, reducing volume and delivering perfect smoothness. Formaldehyde and paraben free.

A latest-generation line of solid cosmetic products, formulated like a traditional shampoo and balm but without water, which exploits the anti-oxidant and anti-ageing properties of red grape fruit (Vitis Vinifera), helping hair to regenerate through the regenerating benefits of Vinotherapy. The basic principle of red grapes is polyphenol, a 100% natural substance with antioxidant properties specifically indicated for preventing cellular ageing and reducing inflammatory processes in the scalp; giving shine to the entire hair, nourishing it in depth with antioxidants, mineral salts and vitamins useful for its wellbeing. Thus, a new ‘Zero-Waste’ Concept by BIOWINE was born to reduce plastic consumption in the world through exclusive paraben-free, silicone-free, 100% bio-certified vegan solid products. It’s a unique cosmetic treatment combining technology & beauty to take care of hair in a natural, ethical & sustainable way.