Our philosophy is based on a simple idea: to reconnect with Nature and respect the environment through self-care with new, more conscious Beauty Rituals for hair and scalp. True sensory experiences towards sustainability that can be found in each of our products.


A deep treatment that helps rebuild the hair structure, especially after cosmetic treatments such as colour, bleaching and chemical and/or sun exposure. A true beauty ritual that promotes strong, healthy hair.


A revolutionary anti-ageing treatment that enhances hair and protects it from daily aggressors through the power of Hydropom: a lycopene solution that floods the hair structure with high levels of anti-free radicals and antioxidants.


An innovative system from the most advanced cosmetic research applied to the world of professional smoothing that does not contain any substances that are harmful or aggressive for customers or stylists. Delivers remarkable results thanks to Argan oil and silk proteins, which restructure and channel the mineral salts absorbed deep inside hair while boosting shine and body.


A complete scalp care and protection ritual, for an immersive in-salon experience that protects and replenishes the hair fibre, infusing hair with new vitality and boosting shine.


An exclusive holistic path that exploits the antioxidant and anti-ageing properties of red grapes, proposing a zero-waste beauty regime for a Conscious Wine Beauty Without Compromises. That’s why the Wine Shampoo & Wine Balm flakes have to be dissolved in an exclusive earthenware crock called ‘Bacchus’ in honour of the Greek god of wine Dionysus. A true customer pampering that combines perfectly with Beauty & Health, designing a greener future and uniting innovation and sustainability.